Tie Rod Assemblies

Tie Rod Assemblies are used in various applications like supporting canopies, as pipe hangers, in cross bracing, etc. Tie rods are an efficient way to add strength or an ascetic touch to any project, while allowing for adding tension and length adjustments. Tie rod assemblies come in several different configurations but will always utilize a right hand and left hand thread to adjust tension, without left hand thread there is no way to pull the members together. Tie Rod Assemblies can be requested in any length as since you can have multiple turnbuckles, sleeve nuts or coupling nuts.

Diameters: 1/2″ through 4″

Length: Any Length

Grades: F1554-Grade 55 S1, F1554-Grade 105, A354-BD, A449, A193, 303 SS, 316 SS

Finishes: Plain (black,) Galvanized& Stainless Steel

slsb haydonbolts

Clevis & Turnbuckle Form


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