1.1 This specification covers round and miscellaneous shape steel plain (flat) washers furnished in an unhardened condition. The washers are intended for general use bolt, nut, and stud applications to provide increased bearing surface, spacing, and to prevent galling. Unless otherwise specified, the washers are furnished with dimensions conforming to B18.22.1, Type A, Tables 1A and Tables 1B. Hardened washers for use with heat-treated structural bolts are covered by F436.

Chemical Properties
5.1.1 The washers shall be steel, and unless otherwise specified, shall have no specified chemical composition requirements.
Mechanical Properties
6.1 Unless otherwise specified, the washers are not furnished to mechanical requirements.
7.1 Standard Dimensions—Unless otherwise specified, the dimension shall be in accordance with B18.22.1, Tables 1A and Tables 1B for Type A washers. Where narrow (N) and wide (W) washers are provided for, the narrow type shall be furnished unless otherwise specified.

Table 7.4.1: Washer Face Flatness

Outside DiameterOut of Flat, max inches
0.500 and less0.007
0.5625 through 1.2500.01
over 1.2500.015
Source: ASTM F844-07a

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