Clevises are used to connect tie rods and hanger assemblies to structural steel or fabricated lugs. The pin connection ensures that the rod is loaded only in tension and sees no bending forces. Our clevises are widely used in structural steel bracing and pipe support applications.

Finishes: Plain (black) & Galvanized.

Clevis & Turnbuckle Form


Clevis Dimensions

Clevis No.Max Tap Size (U)Max Pin Size (P)Eye Dia. (D)Nut Thickness (N)Throat Depth (A)Leg Width (W)Leg Thickness (T)Safe Workng LoadTypical Wt w/Pin
25/83/41-7/165/83-7/81-1/165/163,500 lbs1.5 lbs
2-1/27/81-1/22-1/21-1/841-1/45/167,500 lbs2.5 lbs
31-3/81-3/431-5/1651-1/21/215,000 lbs5.0 lbs
3-1/21-1/223-1/21-5/861-3/41/218,000 lbs8.0 lbs
41-3/42-1/441-3/4621/221,000 lbs11.0 lbs
522-1/252-1/472-1/25/837,500 lbs21.0 lbs
62-1/2362-3/4833/454,000 lbs32.0 lbs
733-3/47393-1/27/868,500 lbs53.0 lbs
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